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November 2020

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    Myrtle Beach Jiu-Jitsu Championship Open November 7, 2020
  • Event Location

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center



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    Myrtle Beach Tip-Off November 14 - November 15, 2020
  • Event Location

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center


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  • 21
    Mayflower Madness Cheer and Dance November 21, 2020
  • Event Details

    This event is using a clear bag policy for November 16th.  

    Clear Bag Policy

    In an effort to enhance fan safety, Maximum Cheer and Dance is implementing a new clear bag policy at all events beginning in November 2018. The policy is consistent with the NFL’s current model and the policy at many other college and professional events.

    Only clear tote bags that do not exceed 12 in x 6 in x 12 in or one-gallon plastic freezer bags will be allowed in to a Maximum Cheer and Dance event. In addition, small handheld clutch purses no larger than 4.5 in x 6.5 in will be permitted. Fans will also be able to carry other items into the events, such as binoculars, blankets, cameras and smartphones.

    Approved Bags

    Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"

    One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag

    Small handheld clutch bags no larger than 4.5" x 6.5"

    Medically necessary items (after proper inspection at specified gates)

    Prohibited bags include, but are not limited to:

    Purses larger than a clutch bag

    Seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers



    Fanny packs

    Cinch/Drawstring bags

    Luggage of any kind

    Computer bags

    Diaper bags

    Binocular cases

    Camera bags



    Why is Maximum Cheer and Dance adopting this policy?
    Maximum continues to review its policies to enhance public safety and ensuring the safety of our guests is a top priority. The clear bag policy is about both safety and improving the overall fan experience.

    How does this policy improve public safety?
    Clear bags are easier and faster to search, greatly reducing faulty bag searches. It also supports the Department of Homeland Security's "See Something, Say Something" campaign.

    How many bags can each person bring into the venue?
    Each ticketed guest can carry one large clear bag -- either a one-gallon Ziploc-style bag or the 12" x 6" x 12" clear bag -- plus a small clutch purse (4.5" x 6.5"). The small clutch must be carried into the venue outside the clear bag and is subject to search.

    What happens if I show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?
    Guests carrying bags that do not meet the criteria will not be admitted to the venue. They may return their bag to their car or will be provided a one-gallon Ziploc-style bag into which to transfer their belonging before entering the stadium. Transferring items to a venue-provided bag requires disposal of the non-approved bag, unless it fits into the clear bag.

    What about bags purchased inside the venue?
    Guests who desire to purchase bags at the vendor tables, may use those bags, but may not exit and re-enter with those bags. Anytime you enter an event, you will need to adhere to the clear bag policy.

    Can I bring my purse?
    Yes, as long as it meets the size requirements. A small clutch purse, with or without a handle or strap, is permitted along with either the 12" x 6" x 12" clear tote bag or one-gallon freezer bag.

    What about diaper bags?
    Diapers and other baby supplies can be carried in a clear bag. Each member of a family, including children, is allowed to carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse into the stadium.

    Can I carry cameras, binoculars, smart phones or tablets separately from the clear bag?
    Binoculars or a phone or camera can be carried into the venue so long as it is not in its own bag.

    Are seat cushions allowed to be carried into the venue?
    Approved seat cushions may be carried into the venue. Non-approved seat cushions and chairbacks include any that have arm rests and any large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers.

    If I have certain items that I need to bring into the venue for medical reasons and they won't fit in the clear bag, what do I do?
    Guests carrying medically necessary bags or equipment into the event venue will be required to have their bag/equipment inspected by security.

    Does this policy apply to me if I'm competing as an athlete, not attending as a spectator?
    Athletes, Coaches, Support staff and personnel such as equipment technicians, media, caterers, etc., will continue to enter the event through designated gates. These individuals and any items that they bring into the stadium will continue to be screened based on procedures that are already in place.


    Event Location

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center


    Maximum Cheer and Dance

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December 2020

January 2021

February 2021

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    SAVL Alliance Classic Open February 6 - February 7, 2021
  • Event Details

    Welcome to the JVA sponsored Southeast Alliance Power League and Club League. SAVLformed for clubs in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee areas.  Our goal is to provide nationally recognized competition through a league in our area.  Team rankings will be maintained throughout the 5 month league and teams can move up and down the competitive ladder to get the best competition for each team.  All Power level tournaments are 2 day events culminating in a League Championship.  All Club Level League events are 1 day events (6 total) finishing at a 2 day convention style Championship event.



    We would love to have any interested club join us as we seek to provide the best volleyball competition and unrestricted league play for teams in the Southeast area.  Power League events are open to any club with a limited number of "at large" spots in our league events, given out on a strength of team basis.   If you would like one of these spots please email us at southeastalliancevolleyball@gmail.com.  

    Event Location

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center


    Southeast Alliance Volleyball League

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  • 13
    President's Day Seashore Classic February 13 - February 15, 2021
  • Event Location

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center


    Grand Strand Juniors

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