Unleash Your Potential

in Our Dynamic Practice Environment!

At the John T. Rhodes Myrtle Beach Sports Center, we understand the importance of dedicated practice space for athletes to hone their skills. Elevate your training sessions with our top-notch rental spaces tailored for athletes and teams.

  • Spacious and Versatile: Ample room for drills, exercises, and team practices.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Practice slots are available to suit your team’s busy schedule.
  • Central Location: Convenient and accessible location for easy team gatherings.
Features and Amenities
  • Open practice areas with customizable layouts
  • High ceilings and excellent ventilation for a comfortable training environment
  • Ample parking for hassle-free access
Who Can Benefit
  • Individual athletes looking for a dedicated space
  • Sports teams in need of regular practice facilities
  • Coaches seeking a professional and accommodating environment
Booking Options
  • Hourly, daily, or monthly rental packages are available
  • Special rates for long-term partnerships
Safety First
  • Our facilities adhere to the highest safety standards
  • On-site staff to ensure a secure and supportive practice environment

Ready to Play? Let’s Hit the Court Together! Call us at 843-918-1518.